North Shore Engagement Session outfit guide

As a Minnesota elopement and wedding photographer (and past bride), I know firsthand how important (and nerve-wracking) your engagement session is. It’s the first time you get to be in front of the camera, which can cause a lot of anxiety for people. But have no fear, my friend! I’m here to bring you the North Shore Engagement Session outfit guide to help take alllll the pressure off as you frolic along the shores of Lake Superior.

Before we really dive in, I want to encourage you and your person to celebrate your engagement before anything else. Celebrate the fact that you are getting married! 🥂 Once you’ve popped a few bottles of champagne, dreamed about your big day, and booked your wedding photographer, then you can get into the nitty gritty of preparing for your engagement session.

North Shore Engagement Session Outfit Guide

Dressing for Comfort

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to you is to be comfortable. I know it may sound cliché, but it’s true. If you don’t feel your best, you’re not going to look your best. Love lounge clothes? Same. And spoiler alert: loungewear can be cute, too! Throw on some joggers, a chic sweater, and a denim jacket! Does your fiancé feel his best in a flannel, jeans, and work boots? Great! Trust me, your outfits aren’t what matters when it comes to your engagement session (or your wedding). It’s the love you and your person share… and I guarantee, your confidence will be beaming just being next to one another.

Another reason to dress for comfort is because the last thing you want to do during your session is fuss with your clothing. Newsflash: I’m not a photographer that is big on ‘posing’. I love to keep my couples active through fun prompts. You’ll be running up and down the Black Beach, hiking through Tettegouche State Park, and dipping your toes in Lake Superior.

Neutrals are Your BEST Friend

Beyond dressing for comfort, you can never go wrong with rocking some neutrals! (Mmm… actually you can, and that’s by matching – but we’ll get to that in a second). Now, I don’t mean you should only wear browns, tans, and creams. The best way to look at neutrals would be to look at the Earth around you- AKA: Earth neutrals! Can you find the color in nature? No? Then it’s probably not an Earth neutral color. Earth neutrals are often muted colors. Rather than a hot pink blouse, opt for a more muted, soft tone. Rather than electric blue, opt for a blue similar to that of Lake Superior.

Wearing neutrals during your engagement session ensures that you and your partner are what the focus stays on! You don’t want to be competing with your clothing or the surroundings. With the North Shore being as beautiful as it is, your neutrals tones will help ensure that you are complimenting the scenery, rather than competing with it. Speaking of competing: try to avoid *loud* patterns! You can absolutely wear subtle patterns (stripes, small florals, flannels, etc.), but try to avoid heavy, ‘busy’ patterns. Again, you don’t want your outfits to be distracting!

North Shore Engagement Session outfit guide

Tips for the North Shore

Planning a North Shore engagement session isn’t too different from planning an engagement session elsewhere. But there are definitely a few things to note to ensure you’re feeling your best. It’s no secret that it’s somehow always windy along the North Shore. (This is thanks to the 145+ miles of shoreline stretching from Duluth to Grand Portage on Lake Superior). Preparing for the wind is #1! This is a great place for flowy dresses, a cozy sweater, or even some mittens.

Oh, and it’s important to note that even if it’s 80° in Duluth, it can be a good 10-15° cooler on the shoreline. Storms also seem to come out of thin air when on the North Shore, so be prepared for all elements. Sometimes, you’ll start the day with a clear + sunny forecast. But come the end of the day, snow will roll in and cover the sky with gloom.

Options, Baby, Options!

Finally, I highly recommend bringing options for your session! Like I mentioned above, you’ll be running around, giving piggy back rides, or even rolling around in the snow or sand. Bringing 2-3 options for outfits is a great way to not only ensure you have some variety, but also that you’ll have something for every prompt. I’ll go through some prompts with you during the planning process to ensure you know what to expect!

North Shore Engagement Session outfit guide

Payton Rademacher Photography | Duluth Wedding Photographer

And there you have it, folks- The North Shore Engagement Session Outfit Guide! Looking for more North Shore content?! Head to my IG (@paytonrademacherphoto) to stay up to date on my latest adventures. And as always, be sure to come back to the blog – new blogs go up every other Friday. ‘Til next time 🫶

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