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Dreamy Sunrise Palisade Head Elopement Picnic Inspiration

Sunrise Donuts Elopement for breakfast

Can you imagine ditching all your big wedding plans and just running off to Palisade Head to say “I do” at the sunrise and eating donuts for breakfast? That’s exactly what Alyssa Tristan did, and it was truly one of the most incredible mornings ever.

Cute Retro Vintage Elopement Inspiration

Ahhh! I still cannot get over the freaking cute details of Alyssa + Tristan‘s sunrise cliffside elopement’s theme & vibe. I had to put a spotlight on Alyssa & Tristan’s elopement theme, which was giving me all the Nicholas Sparks vibes. If you’re eloping and want a fun, vintage, retro theme, keep scrolling for a ton of dreamy sunrise Palisade Head elopement picnic inspiration!

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A Picnic-Style Elopement? Yes, Please!

Their elopement vibe was on point! Vintage, fun, retro, dreamy, and gorgeous. They also have a picnic set up for breakfast. Alyssa wore a vintage bridal gown and really made it come to life. Also a full of pink and white faux flowers bouquet, a picnic basket with the kitchen essentials, and a delicious Dunkin Donuts’s strawberry and chocolate flavors donuts. The donut and coffee breakfast picnic is the perfect way to celebrate your sunrise elopement breakfast. Totally Nicholas Sparks vibe.

bride and groom eat the donuts

Palisade Head Elopement Sunrise Portraits

We added another scene to the romantic film of Alyssa & Tristan’s day by having them stand on the popular spot of Palisade Head. This time the pastel-colored sky and sunrise joined us and it’s unbelievable how beautiful and enchanting it is. Psst…When North Shore, Minnesota, gives you the pastel-colored sky sunrise in the middle of a rainy weekend during the wet season, we must embrace it all! Palisade Head normally gets so busy with tourists, but this time it was just us, so it was perfect. It was honestly one of the dreamiest days I’ve experienced on the North Shore.

Palisade Head Elopement Photographer

As a Palisade Head Elopement Photographer, I am dedicated to ensuring that my couples feel celebrated and supported. Whether you dream of tying the knot in a towering forest of pines, exchanging vows on one of the many serene beaches of Minnesota’s North Shore, or have always dreamt of taking sunrise bridal portraits on Palisade Head, I’ve gotcha covered. Let’s connect!

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North Shore, Minnesota Elopement Photographer

  1. Gen says:

    This looks and sounds absolutely dreamy! I love the vintage, retro vibe they went for – it’s so unique and fun. Plus, the idea of a donut and coffee breakfast picnic is just so unique. Really beautiful work!

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