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Should I Elope? 5 Reasons to Elope in 2025

Reasons to Elope

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram or Pinterest in the last 4 years, you’d know that elopements have been all the rage. With the average cost of a traditional wedding surpassing $35,000, it’s no wonder that more couples are scaling back. So if you’ve found yourself thinking, “should I elope?” Here are 5 reasons to elope in 2025 (and one big reason not to).

5 Reasons to Elope

Reason #1: A Big Wedding Simply Isn’t For You

One of biggest reasons couples choose to elope is because a large, traditional wedding just doesn’t feel right. Odds are, when you were growing up and imagining your wedding day, you pictured exactly that though. But then you get engaged, and everything gets a little bit more “real”, the overwhelm quickly creeps in. Whether you hate being the center of attention or the idea of planning an extravagant event stresses you out enough to just think about, a traditional wedding isn’t your only option. You might get the feeling that the big weddings are more focused on the guests and the elopements are all about the couple getting married.

Reason #2: Weddings are Expensive

Like I mentioned, the average cost of a wedding in 2023 was over $35,000. If that doesn’t make your jaw drop, I don’t know what would! I don’t know about you, but just looking at that number has me thinking about everything else I could buy instead. Given the current state of the economy, many couples are opting to put that money towards a down -payment on a house or paying off debt. Imagine spending a fraction of that huge chunk of money to put towards an epic mountain elopement at sunset. You’d still have money left to put towards your future. 

With that being said, your wedding day is truly meant to be a celebration! If you have always dreamt of that big wedding full of all the people you love, that’s incredible. What it all comes down to is what you prioritize as a couple. 

Reason #3: Familial Pressure

It’s no secret that familial pressure is a huge, valid reason to elope. I don’t know what it is about wedding planning, but it brings out the worst in people. Between juggling opinions from your sister, the mother-in-law, and your uncle, who pretends to be an expert in photography, it’s a lot. And as much as you love your people, the last thing you want to do is walk on eggshells during this exciting chapter in your life. 

One of the biggest conflicts that arises between families during wedding planning is the couple’s desire to stray from tradition. Maybe you’d love to tie the knot in Tulum, but your parents want you to get married in the church you grew up attending. Or your mom saved her wedding dress for you to wear on your own wedding day, but times have changed! It’s not too frequent that differences are handled with grace. 

Gentle reminder: it’s your day. Period.

couple walk past the aframe cabin

Reason #4: Planning Isn’t Your Vibe

Hear me out: eloping still involves planning. However, an elopement can be as extravagant or as low-key as you desire. With an elopement, you only need to:

  • Find your wedding attire
  • Hire a photographer (ahem, it’s me!)
  • Obtain permits (if applicable)
  • Plan elopement activities
  • Arrange travel and accommodations
  • Hire an officiant (spoiler alert: I am ordained!)

It looks too good to be true? It’s not! Of course, you can include additional elements if you desire. Florals, hair and makeup, catering, videography, etc. can all be included, but aren’t necessary if it’s not a priority.

Reason #5: Adventurous experience

You’ve seen the STUNNING photos of a bride and groom in their wedding outfits, exchange the vows on the beautiful cliffside at the sunset and epic mountain peak and thought “That’s what I want!” 

Thats a dream right? But you literally can make it your own and have a unforgettable story to share with your next few generations. Psst… The adventurous part doesn’t have to be an extreme physical activity—getting the dress dirty, instead wearing the heels for a pair of sturdy boots, a donut for breakfast picnic, or simply spending some hiking time together in the Redwoods—can be adventurous on it’s own.

 Alyssa + Tristan had their relaxing, simple and stunning sunrise cliffside elopement on the blog if you want more inspo!

Eloping Isn’t For Everyone

Trends come and go. And while I won’t say that eloping is a trend, it’s definitely become more trendy than in years past. It’s so important to note that eloping is not for everyone! If the idea of lacing up hiking boots, trudging through some mud in your wedding dress, and saying “I do” on top of a mountain doesn’t sound like your vibe, don’t do it. If you’ve always dreamt of luxurious black-tie nuptials, please do it! 

I don’t mean to sound redundant, but your wedding day is meant to be tailored to you. If you love certain elements of a traditional wedding, but crave intimacy, consider a micro-wedding or an intimate wedding. Maybe you want an epic, intimate experience on La Push Beach followed by hiking through Olympic National Park; DO it! The possibilities are truly endless. 

couples walk on the sandy beach

Minnesota + Pacific Northwest Elopement Photographer

Eloping is a beautiful opportunity to curate your wedding day to be exactly what you want it to be. While I’m definitely partial to eloping, I can’t stress enough just how important it is to create the day that you want. You can read 30 articles about reasons to elope, but if you already know it’s not your vibe, don’t feel pressured to make it happen. Embrace the wedding planning season, and soak up every second of being engaged. These moments truly are fleeting.

Searching for more elopement planning tips? You can find them here on the blog. And as always, keep up with my adventures and beautiful couples over on Instagram (@paytonrademacherphoto). 

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    I love these tips! All helpful and something for couples to really consider if they’re thinking about eloping.

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